GiOHAMTAGNAVT: HF FDA RFID TAG for traceability of cured ham

GiOHAMTAGNAVT. RFID FDA TAG Designed for traceability of cured ham.
To use with NAVET of nylon.
Frequency: HF 13.56 MHz. ISO15693
Memory: 64 bits serial number R/O + 256 bits IC Texas Instruments or 1024 Bits IC NXP
Dimensions: 30×3 mm
Material and color: PPS (little or null water absorption and color to define by client)
Protection: IP69K, made by injection
Certification: Certification according to the EU nomative for use in contact with foods
Temp. of work: -25ºC ~ +85ºC
Temp. of storage: -40ºC ~ +100ºC